Secretary Elaine Chao


Topic A - The Employee Free Choice Act

There’s irreconcilable cognitive dissonance in the Democratic Party’s self-image as pro-worker and its congressional leaders’ push for the “card check” bill. The cynically titled Employee Free Choice Act would deny workers the ability to cast private ballots in unionization elections and then deny them the right to ratify, or not ratify, labor contracts drafted by the government when negotiations in newly unionized workplaces exceed the bill’s rigid timetable.

Workers would have no choice—and no ability to cast a private ballot on unionization of their workplace—if just one more than half of workers signed pro-union cards. These union-funded signature drives can entail entreaties at workers’ homes and other places where workers are vulnerable to harassment and intimidation.

Under current law, if 30 percent of a workplace expresses interest in union representation, the National Labor Relations Board supervises a formal election in which workers have the right to vote their conscience under the protection of private ballots. Special interest groups seek to subvert that democratic process and boost unionization at the expense of workers’ rights. This special interest effort, supported by congressional Democrats, is distinctly undemocratic and anti-worker.