Secretary Elaine Chao


Shine More Light on Union Finances

A milestone will be reached Tuesday when Elaine Chao becomes the longest-serving secretary of labor since Francis Perkins was appointed by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Historians will someday look back on the Chao era as a time when transparency and accountability in union finances finally began to be taken seriously by the Labor Department.

Chao?s good work continues today when the Federal Register publishes a proposed rule to extend the Bush administration?s previous accomplishments in applying the Labor-Management and Disclosure Act of 1959.

Among other things, the proposed rule adds a provision covering benefits paid to union officers and employees such as pensions, deferred compensation and life insurance. Currently, only gross salary, allowances, outlays for official business and assorted other disbursements to individual officers and employees exceeding $10,000 annually need to be disclosed.

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