Secretary Elaine Chao


Woman in the News; A Washington Veteran for Labor; a Tested Negotiator for Trade; Elaine Lan Chao

Ever since she was 8, and a freighter bearing her family into New York harbor offered a first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, Elaine L. Chao has concentrated on finding her place in America.

Ms. Chao—Chinese immigrant, Harvard graduate, former head of the Peace Corps and the United Way—reached a new rung today in a fast-rising career, becoming President-elect George W. Bush’s choice as secretary of labor.

Just two days after his first selection for the post, Linda Chavez, pulled out, Mr. Bush introduced a replacement in Ms. Chao, 47, saying she epitomized the values and dreams of hard-working Americans. Ms. Chao, who is now an expert on philanthropy at the Heritage Foundation, the conservative research institute, is widely sought after as a public speaker, fund-raiser and board member.

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